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This Area of our company is our Owner's love and zeal. this is the ground where we get to be a bridge to those that need passage into a new way of life and to get a fresh start.

this page will give you more in dept of what we have to offer to our community and individuals.

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Our programs

Culinary classes

Our Classes are such a hands on , all access to the world of culinary arts. We have a full staff of culinary professional to educate and mold our students the basics of the kitchen and its surrounding

here are some of our curriculum that will take place in our classes from knife skills,sauces, plate presentation and everything in between. Our students will leave our program with advance knowledge.

Pierro Foods will award each student upon completing their classes with a culinary certification, serve safe, a resume and a letter of recommendation. Students will be given a written test and demonstrate their culinary execution supervised by their teachers during the final stage of their culinary program.

You're Next Movement

This program is solely dedicated to empowering, bring focus and lead the next generation to success. We will have the professionals from each corners of the industry such as layers, chefs, dentists, doctors, business owners and mush more. Education is a vital fabric for this generation.

One of our owners motto is:  just don't do what you were taught but live it out become what you rehears ! So that we can service our costumers, local businesses and community the best way possible.

Second Chance Program

This program was created and designed to help individuals with unconventional circumstances. Our program offer educational understanding and educate each individuals to a new avenue to get back in the market place and stir them to make great decisions toward their new life.

The Second Chance Program provides it's local community a hope, a dream and a chance to live and built again.

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